Acidjazzed Evening Controversy

My case regarding the controversy has come to its closure. Just as before, I will not answer any questions about the case.

However, I'd like to thank everyone who supported me in one way or another, and as a token of my gratitude I will express it here in a musical form. The page will be updated little by little, so keep tuned.

In case anyone still cares, Acidjazzed Evening can be downloaded here:
MP3 encoding (4.5 MB)
Original MOD format (in ZIP archive, 17 kB)

This web page is still the only 100% reliable source for comments from me, Janne Suni. Rumours, internet forums and the like are not proper sources if you wish to uphold any kind of standards in journalism. I have no further comments.

Janne Suni a.k.a. Tempest
28th August 2007